Vacation Donation Lake Michigan Cottages


“Vacation Donation” captures collaborative efforts between local charitable organizations, Lake Michigan Cottages, our staff and our guests! Since the Lakeshore is our home, we think it’s important to support local organizations and events that make an impact on the communities in which we serve. Lake Michigan Cottages is committed to giving back to our community.


“Share With The Shore” is a program we have created to assist our guests who want to help make an impact on the community they are vacationing in. This year we met with the Love In Action to determine a local community need that we could help support.

The Share With The Shore project consists of an easy way our guests can leave their mark on our community.

Guests can choose to leave all unopened, non-perishable food items in the home they are vacationing in. These items will be collected by our staff and donated to local food pantries. This year we are asking guests to bring specific items. The list includes: diced tomatoes, deoderant, razors, canned meat (especially chicken!), brownie mix, cake mixes, frosting, mayo/miracle whip, beef stew, and sugar!


We are active members of The Grand Haven Chamber of Commerce and the Grand Haven and Holland Visitors Bureaus. Lake Michigan Cottages also works with and supports several organizations that make a difference in West Michigan! (To learn more, click on the links below!)

Remembrance Ranch, a non-denominational Christian therapy-based program for at risk West Michigan teens, their families, providing year round support.

Paradise Bound Ministries, a Christian Mission Organization that has programs to provide food, homes and medical care in Guatemala to earn love, respect and  the opportunity to present the Gospel.

Love in Action works with a network of local church partners, volunteers, and organizations to help our neighbors in need. Love in Action provides twenty-seven individual services , all of which are made possible through financial contributions, volunteer hours and other resources in the community.


Our staff is encouraged and supported by Lake Michigan Cottages to serve in the community by allowing staff to take time to volunteer locally during business hours. Staff members can choose where to volunteer based on their personal passions. You will find them participating in a variety of services ranging from mission work to beach cleanup days. 

Our staff are also given the opportunity to make personal financial contributions to any local organization, and in doing so, Lake Michigan Cottages will match their financial contribution at the end of the year!