Saugatuck Wine & Beer Tasting

Find your new favorite local beer or wine as you visit these locations. From big name breweries to breathtaking vineyards, you are sure to be delighted at the wide range of local flavors!

Tabor Hill

“Join us in our Saugatuck tasting room as you explore the natural beauty of a Michigan summer on the lake. Tabor Hill’s best selections are waiting. Our wine experts are excited to guide you through a tasting of our best wines, noting the aromas and flavors that make our wines unique. Take your vacation to the next level by visiting our wine port and experiencing a little of our magic along the Lake Michigan shoreline.”

Location: Saugatuck, Mi.
Phone: 800.283.3363

Fenn Valley Vineyards & Winery

“Fenn Valley Vineyards is a family owned and operated vineyard and winery complex established in 1973. Their goal then, as it is now, was to produce world-class wines from grapes grown along the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Their staff is knowledgeable and passionate about their wines. Take a tour of the vineyard, taste their wines and bring a bottle (or two) home for yourself!”

Location: Fennville, Mi.
Phone: 269.561.2396

Saugatuck Brewing Company

“The Saugatuck Brewing Company (SBC) pub provides a welcoming atmosphere with knowledgeable, friendly staff and a variety of aspects to appeal to all ages. Beginning with the diverse food menu, which features all homemade recipes from their talented chefs including bar-style appetizers, classic sandwiches with a fresh twist and full entrees. All of their recipes are one of a kind and the majority of the food is made in-house. We recommend their BBQ burger with a Standard Brown Beer!”

Location: Saugatuck, Mi.
Phone: 269.857.7222