Saugatuck Sports & Activities

If you are looking for a family adventure, we have you covered! Boredom is never a problem here in West Michigan! These experiences are sure to create lasting vacation memories!

Saugatuck Hydro Bikes

“Bike on water! Effortlessly pedal down the beautiful Kalamazoo River that winds through scenic and peaceful Allegan Forest. Experience Pure Michigan while viewing nature and wildlife. Stay dry or get wet it is your choice! 100% virtually untippable, feel a sense of stability and safety. Unique, fun activity for kids, couples, families and seniors.”

Location: Saugatuck, Mi.
Phone: 269.355.3395

Wild West Horseback Riding

“Wild West Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch that began in 1995 with a pony for the kids. Our mission is to share the love and joy of horses with people of all ages and abilities. We offer a variety fun, and safe opportunities to experience our horse family while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Whether if you come for a trail ride or a carriage ride with the whole family, the memories you make with our horse family, will last a lifetime!”

Location: Allegan, Mi.
Phone: 269.673.3539

Green Ride

“Scooters are a logical choice for the summer vacationer! The freedom of a scooter can take you anywhere in Saugatuck/Douglass without having to worry about the hassle of parking and it has ample storage space to carry your purchases. Renting a Green Ride electric scooter is not only chic, it is also eco-friendly and easy on the earth. You can do your part to stop global warming by riding a scooter to the beaches and towns instead of sitting in your hot SUV.”

Location: Douglas, Mi.
Phone: 269.993.4884

Velocity Adventure

“Here at Velocity Adventure Tours we pride ourselves in providing a world class rental experience for all of our customers. From the novice beginner to the experienced pro, we offer gear and guidance for all kayak and SUP enthusiasts. We believe in a great customer service experience and live by our motto, “We sell fun one smile at a time!”

Location: Fennville, Mi.
Phone: 503.867.6293