Muskegon Scenic Boat Cruises

Enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan from a truly unique perspective!

Port City Princess Boat Cruises

“Cruise in comfort on this U.S. Coast Guard approved vessel that carries up to 150 passengers. Whether you`re looking for lazy days under the sun or exciting evenings under the stars, The Princess has the cruise that`s right for you! Sailing from Hartshorn Marina on Muskegon Lake into Lake Michigan.”

Location: Muskegon, Mi.
Phone: 231.728.8387

Muskegon Lake Express

“Lake Express began service on June 1, 2004, linking the states of Wisconsin and Michigan with terminals in Milwaukee and Muskegon. The high-speed Lake Michigan crossing takes just two and one-half hours, saving passengers a lengthy drive through heavily congested Chicago. Lake Express is a fun, fast, and easy transportation solution. You save time, avoid traffic hassles, and can enjoy your time during the voyage however you like.”

Location: Muskegon, Mi.
Phone: 866.914.1010