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About Lake Michigan Cottages:
Lake Michigan Cottages was founded in the year 2000 in Grand Haven, Michigan. We started our vacation rental property management program with only 4 properties, and have grown every year by using sound business tactics, cutting edge technology and developing personal relationships in the communities that we serve. We contract with individual property owners for vacation rental marketing and property management services. These valued relationships allow us to offer our guests the largest assortment of vacation rental properties along with superior customer service. We vow to solve issues in a fair and timely manner that show understanding to anyone involved. We strive to make each guest's vacation a simple stress free process from booking through departure. When you book a vacation rental through us, not only are you a valued guest, but you also are part of the Lake Michigan Cottages Family!
Meet The Team!
Jami Schmidt - Director Of Operations

Where I'm from:    Grand Haven, Michigan
About Me:   Born and raised along the shores of Lake Michigan, I can never get enough beach time! In my spare time, if I am not at the beach, you will find me at University of Michigan football games, spending time with my teenage son, or volunteering at my church.
Why I love West Michigan:   I have a passion for the area and Lake Michigan beaches.
How I contribute to Lake Michigan Cottages:   I hold an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Baker College. My knowledge of the area along with over 9 years of property management experience helps me in my role as Director of Operations.
What makes Lake Michigan Cottages different?   I love being able to build personal relationships with co workers, owners and guests!

Matt Marsman - Operating Owner

Where I'm from:    Allendale, Michigan
About Me:   I grew up in West Michigan, completed my engineering degree at Ferris State University and worked in the manufacturing industry before purchasing Lake Michigan Cottages with my best friend.  As a high schooler I enjoyed many weekends in Grand Haven and other beach communities in West Michigan!
Why I love West Michigan:   Family, friends and fun surround me here.
How I contribute to Lake Michigan Cottages:   As a process minded person I really focus on the back office efficiency to make the guest experience as best as possible!  I also enjoy empowering staff to please the guests with customer service.
What makes Lake Michigan Cottages different?   Owner operated with a passion for a partnership with owners and guests!

Mike Joslyn - Co-Owner

Where I'm from:    Allendale, Michigan
About Me:  I graduated from Allendale High School and immediately joined the US Navy. After serving aboard the USS Porter DDG-78 and my serving four years, I returned to West Michigan to join the family retail business. After selling that business, Matt and I began our ownership together at Lake Michigan Cottages. Since 2014 I have worked in my church and other Christian non-profit settings as well as owning an insurance agency. I have three children and a wife and continue to reside in West Michigan. 
Why I love West Michigan:   The scenery is outstanding and the people are generally warm and welcoming. I enjoy the seasonal changes and the different outdoor sporting activities each one brings. Although winter could be always be shorter in MI!
How I contribute to Lake Michigan Cottages:   I currently contribute to the business by offering business and administrative consulting support for the team.  
What makes Lake Michigan Cottages different?   The business has always been operated by its owners with integrity, flexibility, and cutting edge technology. The attention to detail and care for its clients and customers has always set the company apart from its competition. 

Lake Michigan Cottages Mission Statement:
"Lake Michigan Cottages is a customer service driven company providing industry leading vacation rental services to guests and vacation rental management services to owners."

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